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The Top 10 Kitchen Gadgets That Us, or Our Veggies, Can't Live Without

Updated: Jul 8, 2018

We love to cook and bake with as many fresh fruits and vegetables as possible, but we hate when kitchen jobs become a chore. Let us help you cook better, faster and smarter with these 10 handy kitchen tools that we swear by, and can't live without.

10. FoodPod From Fusion Brands

I love the look on people's faces when I pull this thing out to cook. It may look like it is from another planet, but it is really a steamer pod! I use it to steam, blanch, boil, and then to strain my vegetables. The best part is that it is reusable, BPA-free, and made from food-safe materials. Just like our Green Bags!

Snag one here.

9. Veggetti Spiral Vegetable Slicer

I got sucked in to all of the low-carb diet fads that are going around, and picked up a Veggetti on a whim after seeing it at the grocery store. I thought that it would be more trouble than it is worth, but I was instantly hooked! If you can use a pencil sharpener, you can use a Veggetti. It has been a great way to sneak more vegetables in to mine, and my son's meals. Well, maybe not sneak, it is obviously NOT pasta, but it's fun and he loves it!

Get it here on Amazon.

8. Hand-Held Lemon Squeezer

My whole life, I watched my my mom juice lemons by cutting them in half, then squeezing the life out of them with her bare hands. I hated it. Lemon juice stings the heck out of your skin if you have any little nick, and pulp gets in everything. I saw a hand held lemon squeezer while shopping, and threw it in my cart. You can see that impulse buys are a weakness of mine. Man! I thought that I was getting all of the juice out of my

lemons before, but this baby gets every last drop!

This one has great reviews, and is under $10!

7. 60 Second Salad Maker

Paying attention to what your friends and family share on Facebook makes Christmas shopping a breeze. My mother in-law shared a video from Kickstarter for the 60 Second Salad Maker, adding the caption, "THIS IS SO COOL!" I immediately made a pledge on the site, and the product shipped just in time for Christmas. I did not order one for myself, but I just had to after hearing

her rave about how how quick she could

rinse and prep a salad for a quick meal.

I am all about efficiency, and can't wait to

get chopping!

There are many copycats, but the original is certainly the best one out there.

6. 3-In-1 Avocado Slicer

I am not typically a fan of having unitaskers in my kitchen. The realestate in my kitchen drawers is too valuble to fill it up with tools that only have one job. This one is only for avocados, but, it does three things so I guess it doesn't really count, does it? Plus, avocados are super healthy and perfect to store in Green Bags, so we eat a lot of them! I love that I can split, pit, and slice an avocado perfectly with one tool.

This Oxo version is sturdy and ergonomic.

5. Salad Spinner

My salad spinner is an invaluable tool in my kitchen. The key to keeping your greens fresh is to keep them dry. Dry greens hold on to dressing the best, and, most importantly, dry greens last the longest in my Green Bags. It is so important to make sure that your produce is as dry as possible before wrapping them in a Green Bag. My days of endless paper towel patting (and waste) were gone the day I got a salad spinner.

Another great product by Oxo.

4. Y-Shaped Peeler

I know most of you probably have a straight peeler that you have used for years, and are perfectly comfortable using, but hear me out. A y-shaped peeler is superior in SO many ways. Unlike a straight peeler, the blade is one both sides, so they can be used with your left or right hand. The wider handle

is more comfortable than the barrel grip

of other peelers, and y-shaped peelers strips

off a thinner swath, leaving you with more vegetable.

Kuhn Rikon has an afforable, and highly rated set of three.

3. Cast Iron Skillets

My cast iron skillet collection is among my most prized possessions. I have skillets that were handed down to me from my great-grandmother, and newer skillets given to me as Christmas gifts. I cook almost everything in cast iron. The sear and heat retention are unparalleled compared to other types of cookware. There are a LOT of cast iron skillets on the market. You don't need to buy an

exorbitantly priced skillet, but beware of

cheap skillets. They have a tendency to be brittle.

I use a 12" Lodge skillet almost daily for everything

from green beans to steak.

2. A Good Chef's Knife

The most versatile item that you can have in your kitchen arsenal is a chef's knife. This one knife can replace countless tools in you kitchen. It can chop, dice, slice, julienne, break down meats, and even peel veggies in a pinch. Choosing a knife is a very personal experience. The weight, balance, and size of the knife is completely up to personal preference. I highly recommend going to a store that will let you test drive various types of knives. Just like cast iron, you do not need to spend a ton of money to get a quality knife.

I use the hefty Wusthof Classic Ikon 8", $120.

This one is also highly rated, and only $45.

1. Evert Fresh Green Bags

Of course our number ONE, cant live without, holy grail, must-have gadget for the kitchen, that us, or our veggies couldn't live without are the Evert Fresh Green Bags. Before I started using Green Bags, I was throwing away more produce than I care to admit. My heart (and my wallet) would ache every time I pulled a slimy cucumber out of the crisper drawer, found a fuzzy orange buried under the good ones, tossed wrinkly bell peppers or tomatoes with soft spots in the trash. We live a very hectic and busy life, and we do not have time to go to the grocery store every other day to keep the produce drawer fresh. I like to shop my local sale ads to get the most bang for my buck, and go to my local farmer's market on the weekends to stock up on the produce that is in season. With my Green Bags, I never have to worry about wasting anything by throwing it away, or not having what I need on hand. I bring my vegetable and fruit haul home, wash everything, dry it off completely, wrap them in a Green Bag, and put them away, worry-free. Just earlier this week, I found a Green Bag full of zucchini that I had completely forgotten about. You would never have know that I bought them over two weeks ago! They were still crisp and firm. I truly cannot recommend them enough, and I hope you love them just as much as we do.

Shop our Green Bag collection HERE.

Here at Evert Fresh, we want to share our passion for fresh living with the world. Thank you for reading, and we hope that you have found a couple of products to add to your collection that will not only make being in the kitchen easier, but pleasurable as well. Have a great weekend!

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